Services Offered

Home Inspections


I‘ve done  extensive  research  to  find  the  best  software  to  provide  you  with  an  easy to  read same day report.

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Infrared Photography

Click here for a quick video on why Infared Imaging is so important in a home Inspection.

No  Home  Inspection is  complete  without  a  thorough inspection  with  an  Infared  Thremal  Imaging  Camera.

From  moisture intrusion to  missing  insulation,  Infared  can  see  what  the  naked  eye  can’t.

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Water Testing


Water can be a very expensive fix if it is contaminated. Make sure the property has good water quality before you sign.

Water testing services are done by Nelson Analytical.

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RADON Testing


RADON is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas caused by decaying Granite. 

Drone Photography


Coming  soon.